Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

StarTone Records & Coldwater Studio

It has been very busy at Coldwater Studio and StarTone Records. We are about to start pressing Fancy Space People vinyl. We hope to have colored vinyl out by Oct. 31st. but, until then you can listen and download FSP songs here: <a href="">Pleiadian Youth by Fancy Space People</a>
<a href="">Fancy Space People by Fancy Space People</a>

Billy was in this week to record a track for Ray Davies the two of them are collaborating on a remake of Destroyer: Mr. Mark Tulin from The Electric Prunes played bass and Kevin Dippold engineered the track.

We have been recording bands for an upcoming compilation "The Beverly Hills Session" here is my wish list for the album. Many of the artists have already recorded their track and we are trying to figure out the timing for the last few. I don't know when the release date is going to be yet. It is not too far off.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Greg Dulli
The Electric Prunes
The Strawberry Alarm Clock
Melissa Auf der Maur
The Germs
Queen Kwong
The Woolly Bandits
Evil Beaver
Carina Round
Linda Strawberry
Terence Sheehan with Mr. Clem Burke on drums
Jonny Polonsky
YaHoWha 13
and more....

I just love compilation albums. I always have.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm back from the ?

It has been a while. Like they say "time flies when you are not sleeping"! So, what has been going on? The Pumpkins are on tour. The shows seem to be going really great. I was lucky enough to a be "Pumpkin For The Day" and play congas on a few SP songs for "Record Store Day." The show served as the release party for Teargarden By Kaleidyscope and the first 250 Fans that bought TBK at Amoeba Music In Hollywood got to attend a free SP concert that same day. My review of that show comes down to one word "fuckinrad" here is a clip

After I watched the clip I was brought back to that day of pure bliss. Then i started thinking......

I spent most of the 90's on the road. When I wasn't touring with my band Catherine I was on the road with The Smashing Pumpkins. Hell, I have probably seen more SP shows than most of the band members. Here I am "singing" with the band in 1991 in Milwaukee, Wi. and yes, it is best that I stopped drinking. I have shared some amazing moments in time with one of the best rock bands in the world. I know how awesome it is to play in front of 80,000 people with everyone singing along. I also know the torment of picking up the hotel phone at 3Am to learn that your friend, and fellow musician, has OD'd and died. At the end of the day, all you can do is hope for more good times than bad. WOW! It sure is amazing what watching one clip on youtube can do your mind. Well, anyway, after the flood of memories and emotions ran through my body and flew into the cosmos I deiced to check in with Uncle Billy to see how things were going on the tour.

B.C. "I've really enjoyed this tour a lot. There is definitely an overall spirit in Asia that their time in the world has come again to lead. There is a real vibrancy everywhere I have been that is lacking other places I shall not name.
This tour for me sort of maps out some of the future for SP, traveling to far away places where people really want to see us. The challenge is in always pointing us towards the future while gently honoring the past. As long as that balance exists, I am happy. And I can honestly say I am as happy right now as I have ever been playing.
The most exciting thing for me on this tour has been seeing mostly young faces in the crowds. That tells me that my music is reaching new generations of kids on their own terms. They are there because they are finding something in us in this time, not from some other time. "

Needless to say it makes me happy to hear that the band is having a good time on the road. The next time I see them play will be at this
I am really looking forward to SSMF. This shit don't happen all the time. Sunset Blvd. will be closed to traffic and bands are going to play on the street. This is big! Check out this video with Nic Adler owner of one of my favorite night clubs in L.A. The Roxy Theatre. If you are in So. Cal. on 8/26-28 you should go.

We have been super busy at Coldwater Studio working with bands for release on StarTone Records.

Attention People Of Earth-
The 1st transmission from Los Angeles based alien glam channelers Fancy Space People featuring their heroic Space Anthem/Theme Song "Fancy Space People" and cosmic Glitter Rock Rave-up "Pleiadian Youth"

For more Fancy Space Info become facebook friends with Mr. Don Bolles

Keep your ears open for releases from

The Electric Prunes- Get the Visine ready for your third eye!

The Strawberry Alarm Clock-

YaHoWha 13- Music channeled from the Divine..

Starchildren- Get ready for something new?

The Germs - In the very near future we plan on recording two songs that Darby Crash wrote with Pat Smear. "Out of Time" and "Beyond Hurt - Beyond Help" Darby committed suicide and the songs were never recorded. The original line up will be recording these "new" songs: Pat Smear (guitar), Lorna Doom (bass), Don Bolles (drums) and Shane West will be singing.

And "The Beverly Hills Sessions" a compilation album of bands that have recorded here at Coldwater Studios.

Ok, I'm going get off the computer. Have a great day/night whatever.