Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Song # 2 - "Sugarcane Dance"

The "Album" is called "Vibration" thanks to Benjamin @Exclaimed. He came up with the name after I asked via Twitter if anyone had a good idea for the album title. I like it so..... "Vibration" is the name for now. Thanks Benjamin.

Song #2 -
"Sugarcane Dance" is a creepy dance song about the underground nightclubs in Chicago. The story is true the names have been changed 2 protect the guilty. This song should be listened to with headphones or on a system with very large speakers at loud volume.

I would like to thank Chris Slade, Gilby Clarke, Muddy, Patches and Chris Dye for playing and singing on this song.

Song number 3 will out Monday November 8th.

x K


Menrad said...

Vibration sounds great for an album name. Good find indeed !

Linda said...

I'm really liking the Nitzer Ebb/Thrill Kill Kult-ish vibe this one has just trying to figure out what clubs you meant. I'm having flashbacks to my old stomping grounds- Medusa's, Neo, Smart Bar, Exit...maybe saw you all in a past life? :)
Looking forward to #3 next week!