Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week In The Studio

Wow, It has been an insane week at Coldwater Studio and it's only Wednesday night! On Monday and Tuesday The Smashing Pumpkins came in to finish recording the next two Teargarden by Kaleidyscope songs. Billy, Nicole and Mike recorded backing vocals that sound amazing. I have never heard big backing vocals on a Smashing Pumpkins song, it is a really cool new direction for the band. I would like to tell you what songs we recorded but then Billy would have to kill me and I am not yet ready to meet my maker.

Side Note: I have been in the recording studio for almost every SP record and never have I seen such positive band chemistry. It is very refreshing.

If you haven't checked out Billy's facebook page you should "like" it now.
(Billy has been answering questions from fans, very informative.)

Here is a candid video interview from Dec 4th where Billy talks about the future of The Smashing Pumpkins.

On Wednesday the incredibly talented Damien Youth came in to finish recording a song with David J. During dinner break we all talked about our first bands. I laughed inside as I told everyone at the table the name of my first band (St. Vitus' Dance) this of course is the name of a Bauhaus Song.... coincidence?

Here is a video of the group listening to the playback of Damien's song.

Please check out David J's Kickstarter page and be a part of his new record.

Until next time...... K


merveilleuse said...

love that you are working with David J, and happy to hear about the positive Pumpkins chemistry!

Steve said...

This is great news! Can't wait for what 2011 will bring.

Any plans for a revival of "Tech Tuesday"?

Dobbo said...

Is that a new Rupert Neve Designs board??

Onion said...

love that you are working with David J, and happy to hear about the positive Pumpkins chemistry!

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studiodog said...

Steve, I am going to start posting some"tech stuff" again... in fact this Tuesday.:) Merveilleuse and Onion you 2 sure think alike:0 and Dobbo, yes that is the Rupert Neve Design 5088 32 channel 8 buss

aeiou260199038 said...

The nd happy to hear about the positive Pumpkins chemistry.

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