Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evil Beaver Rocking Coldwater Studio

Avant-garde bass n' drum, punk rock duo Evil Beaver has shared the stage with a diversity of musical artists including; Fu Manchu, The Gossip, Nina Hagen, Peaches, Semi Precious Weapons, Shellac, The White Stripes.

EVIL BEAVER features Evie Evil on electric lead bass guitar and vocals, supported by various drummers that include or have included; Johnny "JoJo Beav' " Jones, members; of Betty Blowtorch, Dee Dee Ramone, and Queens of the Stone Age.

Evil's vocals are seductive and powerful. As a bassist, Evie is a pioneer who's playing skills are mind blowing and uniquely original.

Evie is always writing and recording new music, and EVIL BEAVER is always performing live and touring internationally.

Live band always features sexy front women, EVIE EVIL, Goddess of Electric Lead Bass Guitar and Vocalist, and a BEAVER on drums. Beavers are subject to change.


thirty-four said...

And Laura Ann! :)

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