Monday, August 22, 2011

Billy Corgan's Mission Statement on Resistance Pro

Why do you want to be involved with resistance pro?

I grew up a fan of professional wrestling during the glory years of the AWA, and I really enjoyed watching many of the men who are now legends display the incredible talent and ability that made them household names. So in that way I am old school; in that if a wrestler has the almost undefinable 'it' factor that makes them a star, fans will follow them forever, because they invest emotionally in the person behind the gimmick. When I got fully into being a professional musician in my late teens, I stopped watching wrestling until I was drawn back by the Attitude Era, and my personal connection to ECW. I've gotten to know and befriend some of the greatest minds in the wrestling business, and I've learned a lot about the incredible sacrifices that everyone makes to entertain the fans. The opportunity to be a part of a different kind of independent company in Resistance Pro was just too good for me to pass up. 

What will your role be as creative director?

My job in Resistance Pro, if you can call it that, is to write the angles and set the tone for the future vision of the company. I believe I bring to the table a unique set of experiences from the music business that translate to how to engage a fan's deeper interest, whether it be in the ring or hopefully one day on television. I want Resistance Pro to embrace what's great about the traditional values in the wrestling business, that can at the end of the day provide everyone involved with the a great opportunity for success, while not being shy about being at the forefront of where professional wrestling is headed into the 21st century. Whether it be in-ring style, new ways to run shows, or using technology and social media to create a fresh dynamic with fans, we will chase down what works best long term. 

How will this promotion be different then the others?

We have two clearly stated goals: one is the we want our young talent to get hired and to succeed at the highest levels in the business. We want to see young stars dreams come true. There will be no holding anyone back. Secondly, we want to encourage a safer in-ring product that balances incredible athleticism with storytelling. That doesn't mean that there won't be appropriate times for a drag down and out dirty brawl. But in my opinion it is time that the long term health of the wrestlers themselves is placed as a stated top priority, and it will be in our company. Our company will be a strong mix of veterans and young talent, because we want to make sure that the best traditions of the business are passed on. It should also be noted that we want a top-notch women's division, because there are some incredibly talented women out there who can, and will draw. 

What should the fans expect from you?

Hopefully for fans, I won't go into business for myself! My plan is to stay out of the ring and spend my energy working behind the scenes to make us a company to watch in the coming years. I'm excited to invest in a business I have passion for, because I understand as well as anyone what it takes to succeed. My real desire is to help other's succeed like I was given the opportunity to in music. I'm more than happy to talk about the company, and draw attention to it if it helps everyone else get over.  


Edward Chik said...

Resistance Pro sounds awesome, there's always more room for exciting professional wrestling.

Bring in Cheerleader Melissa!

1969_Charger said...

I too have the same kind of experience with wrestling ... watched it ... lost interest ... Attitude era came and I was hooked again. Loved ECW. Foley.

I guess the majority of people don't really understand wrestling. 'It's fake!' they say. Yeah, we know that Einstein. A truly great match will make the viewer forget the gimmick, but in the major leagues the gimmick is everything (and rightly so, as they have months of story to follow in the coming months).

An independant wrestling company with Billy at the creative helm will be a great thing to behold, because, like him or not, Billy has a great knowledge and background in wrestling, at whatever level.

Personally, I can't wait to see what it looks like. Those tired, old storylines ... forget 'em! Hair vs. hair ... Loser 'retires' ... so and so unmasked ... gone!

Good luck, Resistance Pro, and good luck Billy!


ThisDallasChick said...

the "revolting blob"... some guy killed a couple senior citizens...pinch me if i run short of air, ok? "it was just a stunt" my ass

Den Hamphery said...

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