Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good morning fans and "lostfan"

I woke up this morning, grabbed my coffee and started reading over the "comments." I want to thank ALL of you for the interesting and emotional remarks left on this blog. It is starting to feel like we have a family here. It may be dysfunctional at times but, family is family. The energy in the studio that Billy and the rest of us are feeling is... well... just beyond words, except for "breathtaking, awe-inspiring, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, stunning, staggering, imposing, stirring, impressive, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, excellent, marvelous and wondrous!"

Here is a video of my good friends R.E.M. jamming with puppets.

An interesting side note: My wife and I met while she was filming the movie Man on the Moon. While very pregnant with our daughter we went to see R.E.M. at the Hollywood Bowl. Before the show Michael touched her pregnant belly and sure enough, the next day she was born listening to their song Man on the Moon!

OK, I'm off to my Maggie's 6th birthday party.



chaotix said...


merveilleuse said...

i think it's going to be a great day for everybody. <3

Allison Claire said...

I love being a part of this process. I love REM and the muppets! That is a cool story. Have a great 6th birthday party Maggie Brown. :)

DreamerM said...

What a wonderful way to start the day. Happy 6th birthday to your little Moon Girl!

All the best to you, KB!

Roxanna said...

I will never hear "Man on the Moon" the same again.
Thnx KB, because now I will have the hugest smile on my face remembering what you said.
You have made me feel privileged by letting us all have a peek behind the majikal curtain. You make us feel loved.

bodhisattva said...

I love that video of R.E.M. I have played it for my kids and forced it on pumpkins fans in the official forums countless times.

That is a such a cool story about Michael and your daughters birth.

Is your daughter an R.E.M. fan at all? My son is 5, he was born to Bob Dylan, but he hasn't gotten into him yet.

Unknown said...

I believe the correct term is Muppets.

studiodog said...

Victor, if you followed the thread from Friday, September 25, 2009. you would understand why the correct term for this post is puppets not muppets. :)

Rose Moon said...

♥ Love this song they did..I remember watching this when it first aired and was dancing around with my son
aww memories ;)

judas said...

that is a great story. man on the moon is one of my favorite movies. i full of love for: andy kaufman, r.e.m., puppets, muppets, coffee, energy and all of YOU.

bodhisattva said...

I have decoded the secret message! The Billy doll/puppet is going to appear on Sesame Street with Abby Cadabby and crew.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday for Maggie!!
And thank you for all your sharing with us from Chicago and anywhere!!
Kerry, you are an angel for us who love SP so much!!
Take care of yourself in the lovely windy city *V*

MelRoberts said...

Kerry, you're made of nothing but awesomeness. I thought of the REM sesame street thing too, if you're refering to what I think you are ;) Hope you're well, I bet I'm not the only one sending good wishes to your daughter for her birthday :)

Sorrowclouds said...

I love that video and I love being a part of the SP family and I love how you are showing us some behind the scenes "appetizers" if you will lol.
Anyway thanks for everything!

EasternMind said...

I'm glad that there's a feeling of positivity to the comments! It makes me happy!

That's a cool story about REM, dude. Pretty trippy too!

elizabethmarie said...

I hope your daughter has a great birthday. :)
This blog was one of the best ideas ever. xoxo ebeth

Pris said...

What a great post! Happy birthday to Maggie! :)

I was inspired to search for my old text about R.E.M.

Menrad said...

Yeah we really are a family here, that's exactly how I feel !
Thanks for letting us be part of it !

bonsai_aphrodite said...

It makes me so happy to hear of this electric energy in the studio! I imagine that's what it takes to make a truly great album...probably how the Beatles felt...when they were getting along, anyway. Maybe the stars are aligning for you guys - i truly hope so!! I am so excited about Teargarden by Kaleidyscope! I really *LOVE* the whole concept - the mental imagery conjured by the excellent title, the fool's journey through life as signified by the tarot. And it's cool that you guys are making it this really accessible process for us.
Have an amazing day with your family!
{Maybe we can all be your fanmily!} :)

P.S. Is Billy's new Ichabod going to be used on the album? It seems like a truly awesome sound machine.

rayson_detre said...

thanks for sharing -

for this studio blog endeavor (greatly appreciated), moreso sharing personally.

(wish i'd had music at the time. then'd be so far from being the thing on my mind)

Unknown said...

Thank you some much for your time and effort documenting and reflecting on what is a marvelous time for the history of SP. Ah, the power of space!

Sunflowerdagger said...

O' maggie! I think I got something to say to you!

Happy birthday Sweet one!

A little late I know, but a 6 year old really can conquer the world!
Love to you!

We are all family.

Lets make it a muppet happy one!



Scroph said...

Thanks to you Kerry for sharing with us these moments of your Life ! When you speak about recording technics or about your morning coffee, we enjoy it !!!

Blue Jeroen said...

Have great time there and
thanks for Donovan.
and thank you pope in Rome.
and bye

jstadele said...

Man On The Moon was an excellent movie and the soundtrack was great too. Easily one of my favorite REM tracks...great to hear everything is going well in the studio! Can't wait to benefit from your labors of love soon! Happy bday Maggie!

lostfan said...

Thanks Kerry,
Awesome post.
Thanks for regarding everyone here as part of the SP family no matter what we say and for recognizing that sometimes we say harsh things simply because SP has really,honestly touched our lives.
Even though I regret some of my negative comments, few bands would have managed to get so much emotion out of me.So here's apologizing to you and Billy from me and I'm counting on you to prove me wrong.
Hope your daughter has a happy birthday.

gty said...


David said...

aren't things like this what makes life beautiful?

Unknown said...

i love this blog!

SPatrick said...

Hey, this just keeps getting better.

Here's a question for Tech Tuesday: What 2" tape are you guys recording to? Looks like a GP9 reel?

Katt said...


Mayonaise said...

I respect the kind words said, here. It seems everyone is excited for the new album to come out. Thank you so much, Kerry, for keeping us up to date with everything. Hope your daughter had a great birthday!

Unknown said...

Where is my video-log? Promise breakerz! In all truth, thank you for this Kerry. Once a month updates would sate my thirst for pumpkins related knowledge. Thank you!