Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Hands of Love" Lyrics

(Written by Linda Perry)

When the white flag sails
Covered in streaks of blood 
They'll be an endless sea
Of hands rising up

And the preacher man
And the preacher's son
Will stand arm in arm
Just like everyone 

Longing to be free
I won't let you fade away

Shared so many dreams
I won't let them fade away 

In the hands of love
We carry on
Stronger than we started 

Of the ash and dust
That trail behind us
Wicked is the blinded 
Who we are comes to life 
Who we are comes to life

When the water spills
The glass will break
It drips like tears
Running up your face 

And the hounds will cry
For the dogs of war

With the sounds of joy
That victory will soar

Longing to be free
I won't let you fade away

Shared so many dreams
I won't let them fade away 

In the hands of love
We carry on
Stronger than we started 

Of the ash and dust
That trail behind us
Wicked is the blinded 

Who we are comes to life
Who we are comes to life 

We longing to be free
I won't let you fade away.

In the hands of love
We carry on
Stronger than we started 

Of the ash and dust
That trail behind us
Wicked is the blinded 

Who we are comes to life 
Who we are comes to life 
We come alive
We come alive 
We come alive 
We come to life

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Help Billy Zoom Kick Cancer's Butt

In the music community, we all take turns helping each other & have since the beginning. Punk rock and benefits always went hand in hand: you name the cause, and the bands and fans will be there.
Now it's our turn to help Billy Zoom, 
the wittiest, smartest, nicest, best guitar player & friend I know. I would do anything to help him get better, help take care of his family, and lessen his woes. Billy has begun chemo treatment at Cedars Sinai for Bladder cancer. He has a long road ahead of him but we are confident he's beat cancer once and he'll do it again!

Please keep Billy in your prayers and send some positive energy his way!
Donating a few bucks will help take away some of his financial stress and worry.
It's the punk rock thing to do.

Exene, John, DJ, and Mike

Donate via GoFundMe here:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Motobunny #1 in Japan!

We are proud to announce that Motobunny's video for their self-titled song is charting #1 in Japan on Robot 55 this week!

"This week’s #1 is touted as “True American Rock N’ Roll” and HELL YEAH! It’s a band named “Motobunny.” Can I give you information about this band? No. I cannot. The only thing I know is Rodney Bingenheimer has been playing them on KROQ Los Angeles. And, if it’s good enough for Rodney, then it’s good enough for me!" - Robot 55

Check out the full article and video here: 

Linda Perry Performs at The Gracie Awards

I'm so honored that Linda Perry came to play at The Gracie Awards. 

The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment, as well as individuals who have made contributions to the industry.

The Gracies are presented by the AWM Foundation, the philanthropic arm of AWM which supports educational programs, charitable activities, public service campaigns and scholarships to benefit the public and women in the media. The Gracie Awards, established in 1975, honor programming and individuals of the highest caliber in all facets of radio, television, cable and web-based media, including news, drama, comedy, public service, documentary and sports.

Her performance brought down the house with a standing ovation.  It was such an important night.

I believe what Linda brings to the world is not yet fully recognized and I would love to see her playing live every night of year. I can't wait to see and hear what's coming next from Linda!

-Kerry Brown

Watch Linda's interview with KCAL9 about her performance here:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Motobunny Plays First Ever Roland Sessions!

We are proud to announce that Motobunny played the first ever Roland Sessions!  Their performance of "Thinkin' About Me" is a song from their debut self-titled album released by Rusty Knuckles Music.

Check out the video here:

Led by dual singers Christa Collins and Nicole Laurrene, the band’s aesthetic has as much to do with Laurrene’s Michigan rock roots as the surf sounds and pounding percussion of LA’s punk and garage scenes. Rarely does a rock band present with two such well-matched, intense vocalists, but the rest of Motobunny keep up easily, ripping through songs straight out of a Tarantino film.

Full album digital download:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Motobunny premiers their video for "Let's Go Out" on AltPress!

Los Angeles rockers, Motobunny, premiered their video for "Let's Go Out" yesterday on Alternative Press.  They tell the story about making the video below.  The track is taken from the band’s latest self-titled album, which is out now. (Get it here.)
“This video was shot full guerilla film style, one night in and around Hollywood, C.A. Our director, Matt Eskew, mounted a camera on his vintage Lincoln. Nicole and Christa then hit the road, but after a few minutes of shooting, the police pulled them over. When the cop realized they were shooting a music video, he let them go. In one shot, you can actually see the lights from the police car. What's this? A giant hand at a carwash?! Of course the Moto ladies had to climb all over it—what a lucky hand. About an hour before the shoot, Christa stitched up a bunny suit for Michael, who threw on some cheap sunglasses and took to Melrose Avenue with Rik and a couple guitars for a little busking action. Then they were off to the arcade on Vermont Avenue for a game of Guitar Hero. Families kept coming up and asking to take pictures with the bunny. You can actually see security kicking Rik and the bunny out. Eventually we all made our way up to Capitol Records, with the bunny banging on the front doors at nearly 2AM. Security wasn't having anything to do with Motobunny though… your loss, Capitol Records!"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Motobunny Roars Into Action With Their Self Titled Debut On Rusty Knuckles Music

"Motobunny is a brand new, Icona-Pop-Meets-Iggy-Pop, American rock n’ roll band with two dynamic frontwomen and a debut album poised for a May 12th release on Rusty Knuckles Music. With tracks already spinning around the country on stations like Sirius/XM, KROQ (LA), KEXP (Seattle), WFMU (NJ) and WRUR (New York), momentum is building and plans are being laid for release parties in their hometowns of Phoenix and Los Angeles. Led by dual singers Christa Collins and Nicole Laurrene, the band’s aesthetic has as much to do with Laurrene’s Michigan rock roots as the surf sounds and pounding percussion of LA’s punk and garage scenes. Rarely does a rock band present with two such well-matched, intense vocalists, but the rest of Motobunny keep up easily, ripping through songs straight out of a Tarantino film..."

Read the full article from Rusty Knuckles here:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Introducing: Inanna

"Recently Amazing’s Head of Amazing Artists USA, caught up with Sonnet Noel and Kerry Brown for a chat. Sonnet is the lead singer and songwriter from INANNA, a band that’s setting Los Angeles on fire and Kerry is a record producer who has worked on everySmashing Pumpkins record since Gish. He also produced INANNA’s debut album."

Read the full story at Amazing Radio here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Watch The Cold and Lovely Perform at Six 01 Studios

"L.A. duo the Cold and Lovely made a huge statement with 2013'Ellis Bell,' an EP that embraced the arena-sized alt-rock of the 1990s and was embraced by many who remember it. Singer-guitarist Meghan Toohey (who counts the Weepies, Lenka, Schuyler Fisk on her resumé) and bassist Nicole Fiorentino (Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Spinnerette) have returned with the fan-funded 'What Will I Become,' an eight-song album of lush, driving dream-pop featuring the oceanic reverb employed by artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Pale Saints and Curve, with a few added twists as well. The new single 'Lost All Control' boasts the big, surging sonics of Silversun Pickups (à la their single 'The Pit'), perfect for rock radio. The new collection featured guest vocals from Louise Post of Veruca Salt and John O’Reilly Jr. on drums, and was engineered by Bryan Cook." - Buzz Bands LA

The Cold and Lovely is the brainchild of Meghan Toohey (The Weepies, Lenka, Schuyler Fisk), and Nicole Fiorentino (The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Spinnerette). After several years as a producer and session player, Toohey returned to her roots as a songstress, writing the band’s eponymous debut album. When her songs began achieving placements on television shows such as Gossip Girl, Grimm, Chasing Life and Vampire Diaries, she knew she was on the right path. The band's sophomore album, Ellis Bell, is an E.P. recorded primarily in their home studio and mixed/mastered by Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups/M83). After a very successful Pledge Music Campaign to support their third record, The Cold and Lovely are releasing the full length "What Will I Become" mixed by Bryan Cook (One Republic, Train, Autolux) on January 20th, 2015.

Reflecting on the band's work, Toohey says: “With the first record, we were just getting our feet wet. Working together over past few years has matured our relationship, and I wanted our future records to reflect this growth. I dug deep into albums that changed my life, such as My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, PJ Harvey’s entire catalog, and the work of bands like The Cure and U2. But it was Nicole who really helped me shake out the sounds and pinpoint what I loved about the guitar tones and production. We wanted more grit on these records and the result is, for us, incredibly fresh and exciting. The songs are dark and brooding but at the same time joyful."

Toohey and Fiorentino are both staunch believers in empowering young women and girls through music education. Both are volunteers and supporters of Rock N' Roll Camp For Girls in Los Angeles.

The Cold and Lovely on Soundcloud:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

(NEW) THE TOWNSEND - Great Drinks, Food, Music, Art in an Elegant Space in Downtown Austin


Cocktail Bar and Performance Venue at 718 Congress Avenue

AUSTIN, TX-- An exciting addition to the revitalized arts and entertainment district downtown will open its doors in Spring 2015: The Townsend, an elegant high-end cocktail bar and performance venue. Located in a stunningly remodeled 3,400 square foot space in the Townsend-Thompson Building, an historical landmark, the Townsend offers exceptional cocktails and tasty food options along with creative performances in an acoustically dynamic setting. The Townsends visionary group of owners and their design team have worked closely to develop a unique concept that promises quickly to be a fixture in the downtown scene unlike any other in Austin.
We hope the Townsend will become a special place in the downtown Arts district that is as beautiful and inspiring as our city great drinks, food, music, and art in an elegant space,says Steven Weisburd, the primary owner and visionary behind the Townsend. Weisburds partners in the Townsend include acoustics expert Scott Samson, Austin music hall of fame member Kathy Valentine, music industry veteran Roger Sandau, music, film, and television producer Kerry Brown, and film and television producer Stacey Sher.

Guests entering the Townsend are greeted by a parlor rooms glimmering chandelier, an Italian black tile mosaic floor, coffered ceilings, warm furnishings, and an impressive view of the Paramount Theatre and downtown Congress Avenue. The parlors 13-foot antiqued custom mirror adds a dynamic element, reinforcing the theme that the Townsend reflects Austin, and its inhabitants. Adjoining the parlor is a 32-foot restored bar, along with a series of charcoal banquettes and designer bookshelves lined with
leather books and city relics, combining Austin tradition with clean-lined architectural modernity. Stylish slate-colored walls hold framed 65-inch UHD 4K televisions exhibiting a rotating display of artwork. At the end of the lounge, guests will find an impressive boxed skylight feature lit in soft colors, and the fresh flowers throughout the Townsend confirm its design as the epitome of understated sophistication with a beguiling air of fun and class.

Cocktail Program
The Townsends cocktail program is designed by Justin Elliott, winner of 2014s Eater award for his cocktail work at Qui. Its super important to me, especially for a place as elegant as the Townsend, that the drinks themselves show a light touch and a playfulness. Theres a sweet spot there: balancing creativity with something classic and well-refined. And thats the goal with everything in the Townsend, isnt it? Creating a place that seems like it should have been here all along,says Elliott. With additions like the delicate and floral gin-based Blush of Youth,the robust rye-featured McKibbon,and signature variations on a Pimms Cup, the Townsends diverse bar menu features a broad scope of locally sourced ingredients, premium spirits, select wines, and Austin-brewed beers. The Townsends management has also created an innovative royalty program that will feature select cocktails created by some of Austins top bartenders who will receive royalty payments for each drink sold. In addition, the Townsend will offer food on an expanding basis, starting with cheese and charcuterie plates along with other tasteful options to complement its cocktail program.

At the back of the Townsend is a live-music, private event performance space created with artists in mind. The Townsends performance space offers exceptionally high quality sound designed by acoustician Scott Samson. The room has 17-foot ceilings and features dramatically lit black curtains, a custom built stage, and stained concrete
floors. This acoustically adjustable live music venue can accommodate over 120 people standing, and will offer adaptable seating arrangements for events and certain performances. As Samson highlights, Whether we have a single person on stage

speaking, a solo guitarist singer songwriter, or a full rock band, the Townsend performance space will be adjusted acoustically to match the performance on stage.Kathy Valentine has agreed to help direct the Townsend’s performance programs. “As an Austin native, I have watched the city grow and change over the years,says Valentine. Im thrilled that the Townsend provides the opportunity to combine the things I love: music, my city, and bringing people together.
The Townsend will house several exciting musical lineups during SXSW, then will officially begin its legacy with a bang by hosting a formal Grand Opening party in April. Partygoers will be invited to partake in complimentary drinks and experience the exemplary sound system with special performances by friends of the Townsend. Austinites are encouraged to come in and take a tour of the space and sample the Townsends signature cocktail menu at a reduced rate during their daily Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm. Events and performances from live music, to comedy, to spoken word readings, to short plays will be posted on the Townsends website and social media accounts.
The Townsend is the first Austin-based public project developed and managed by Penumbral Strategic Ventures, LLC. Please direct all general, media, and booking inquiries to

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Six01 Studio Presents MOTOBUNNY on StageIt!

Members of Catherine Are In The Studio!

We are excited to announce that members of Catherine are currently in the studio putting the final touches on a new album!  

Check back soon and join the Starry Records Email List on the right side of this page for more information and details on the album pre-sale.

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the reunion!