Monday, September 21, 2009

An old friend stopped by the studio today:

Today we welcomed an old friend back into the studio to help out with the guitar tracking.... Her name is Kimberly Kay and she is the guitar that Billy wrote and recorded 1979 with she is also the "secret weapon" guitar used on Mayonaise. Billy bought this guitar in 1992 from a pawn shop in Madison Wisconsin for $60.00 needless to say it was well worth the cash!

After a "Mercury Retrograde" moment this morning Kimberly Kay blew up just as we were about to track the song... Billy said the guitar had never had a problem before. So I guess she just wanted to stop by and say hi. We shook our heads, grabbed another guitar off the rack and dialed in the sound dreams are made of... We had a great day creating guitar tones. This first song sounds amazing and I can hardly wait for you to hear it. Ok I'm beat... I'll see you tomorrow... Love KB

Mercury Retrograde


During Mercury Retrograde, electronic gadgets are especially prone to disaster.
If possible, resist buying anything involving communications technology during this time.
Never sign contracts during Mercury Retrograde.
Don’t sign up for cell phone service, health club memberships, car leases or insurance policies.
Don’t even think about buying a house. If you must, triple check everything.
Try to delay putting your name on any document until after Mercury Retrograde is over.
Never make a major purchase, especially a car during Mercury Retrograde. Even if things seem fine at the time, there’s a good chance a defect will appear during a later retrograde.
Recheck your work and always double-check your messages. Hesitate to press the SEND button on your e-mails until you read them over.


Review your life and the decisions you’ve made.
Readjust your priorities.
Retreat to give yourself the space you need.
Recommit to the goals you believe are worth-while.
Reflect on who you are and where you’re going.
Recharge your batteries.
Repair any damage you may have caused to objects or relationships.
Renew your sense of purpose.
Revise your attitudes and routines.
Return to your core set of values.
Reward yourself for success.
Write down information when playing back voice messages – don’t rely on your memory.
Leave early to all appointments when possible and don’t be surprised if you arrive late.

To learn more about Mercury retrograde go here


Allison Claire said...

Awesome! It's always fun to bring out "the secret weapon" :) I also love the info on mercury retrograde is very interesting and good to know. I will watch out for those things and keep them noted.

merveilleuse said...

oh no! the whistle/feedback Mayonaise guitar blew up???

ps - Mercury in Retrograde, i feel it, i feel it!

bodhisattva said...

Kimberly Kay, Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Get well soon!

Everyone in studio, thanks for the update and all the cool videos today!

Unknown said...

echorec sounds sick... I love tape delay.

andrewface said...

that binson echo thing sounds phenomenal
rip mayo guitar!

deviever said...

Here here on all the positive things to do during Mercury Retrograde! <3 <3

Pris said...

Awww, Kimberly Kay, that's a shame!

Are there any plans to resurrect that beautiful guitar, or is the damage too severe?

jstadele said...

Poor Kimberly Kay...may she return in all her glory someday!

Scroph said...

Poor Kimberly Kay! I'm sure we'll soon hear it back on records !
the most famous Pumpkins Guitar !

Whatever ! I love this sound ! Awesome !!!

Allison Claire said...

Ok, how did I miss that it blew up? I must have been sleep/reading. Damn you mercury retrograde!

MonteLDS said...


A.G. said...

NFW, A friend of mine has that exact same guitar (only in sunburst), and sounds like shit LOL. said...

pass this on... make it an event... do whatever you want to raise money for it because you or we (the SP community) are gonna be on it!

Nicolas said...

Hey Kerry, is the fuzz pedal stomped on before the Echorec the Devi Ever Rocket? It sounds just like it.

Unknown said...

More on the Binson Echorec Special

Unknown said...

It is great having the opportunity to see this legendary guitar. I appreciate the daily updates and insight. This really is a treat.

Unknown said...

So this guitar was used for the main clean tone on 1979? That's very surprising. Thanks for keeping this blog Kerry, it's a good read!

Myopia2020 said...

Emerald Green....R.I.P. (or get well soon), Kimberly Kay.

Unknown said...


Roxanna said...

wow talk about good karma,just like an old friend, to witness such magic puts a little more bounce in your step and a certain glow inside your heart!

Unknown said...

you guys know billy was doing astral planes right?

joaopedro7 said...

wow it seems you having fun, without the "presure" i hope it translates into good music

Auburn said...

What about GEAR DAY???

Auburn said...

I thought you were gonna tell us all about cabs and mics and all that stuff!

buzlink said...

So can it be fixed?

Unknown said...

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