Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deep into song 3
Today Billy finished the vocals and sitar parts for the song and we are currently tracking the violin. It is looking like the song will be in the can by tonight or by midday tomorrow. I am very happy with the outcome and excited for you to hear it. It seems to me that we have found that place where sound is vision. @sunflowerdagger asked me today on twitter "sound. how would you define such a word?" Without thinking about it I replied "colorful continuous vibrations" and this song is a magic pulsing rainbow.

We had a special surprise today when the beautiful Lisa Harriton stopped by the studio to say hello and took a moment to try out Billy's Mellon Collie piano. This is the piano he wrote many of the songs for Mellon Collie, Adore and Machina on.

We have been so busy that I haven't had time to finish the Q&A but, I will as time allows and I am going to answer all the questions... most likely this will happen when we have time between breaking down from song 3 and setting up for song 4. So, hang with me, I will get to the rest of your questions and I will get to "tech Tuesday" hopefully before next Tuesday.

Love K.B.


Le Deux Machina said...

great to see Lisa there. Will she be playing on the songs, Kerry?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear these tunes!

bodhisattva said...

busy is good.

talk is fun to pass some time.

as always, thanks for the updates.

great to see Lisa!

merveilleuse said...

keep going! <3

Roxanna said...

"colorful continuous vibrations" and this song is a magic pulsing rainbow."
that sounds completely intriquing! I cant wait!
thnx KB!

Unknown said...

Glad to see Lisa. I thought she was great live and I hope she plays on the record.

Menrad said...

Can't wait to hear that sitar song !

Thanks for the Lisa Harriton video, it was nice to see her stop by !

Awake! Awake! said...

We are really enjoying following this recording blog! It's a great inspiration. by sound do you mean the magic? Like the magic that's there when you first write a song? it's goes away, but when you share the song it comes back again. I think there's always a way to best record the magic. say a magic sound

gty said...

Lisa is amazing

chaotix said...

It´s Great to see Lisa playing this pumpkin-historycal piano!



Rose Moon said...

That was beautiful sounding :)
Good to see Lisa again
That piano sound definitely is full of magical vibrations <3 it
thx for posting

jstadele said...

Echoing everyones words...great to see Lisa! As much as I enjoy the updates, it's great that you are all keeping busy! Thanks for continuing to take the time to do this Kerry!

Outsiderlady said...

Happy to see Lisa, when Jeff will come ?
Oh and Why now Billy always hides his head ??? He has a great face though!

Unknown said...





Woo. Yes. More of Ms Harriton, kthx.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little tune!

Allison Claire said...

It sounds amazing! She is so talented. :)

Sunflowerdagger said...

Lisa is looking lovely as always. The Mellon Collie piano sounds amazing.

I cannot wait to see the colors.


Ryan said...

I have to assume the song is "Emerald Green is the Colour." Which sounds like a great addition to "Astral Planes" and "Widow Make My Mind" to the first EP. Damn, this is shaping up to be some triumphant shit.

elizabethmarie said...

wow. lisa is amazing.
thanks for posting that.
cannot wait to hear the new songs!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the sitar. I am SO HAPPY that there will be sitar on a song. I also love the Koto. There's another fun idea I throw at you randomly.

Unknown said...

Great Song, this Paino sounds Amazing, u should use it for some of the new music